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USA Stars Academy soccer programs are headed by coaches who are trained to work with players and for players.

We provide individualized training that suits each player's current skills and future goals so they're placed in a program that benefits their growth.



Grassroots is a low competition program that focuses on soccer basics for youths who love the game and wish to develop their skills.


Coach Aliyah ensures a fun yet challenging environment to promote individual growth and teamwork


Designed to be low-competitive, fun, and challenging, Grassroots is a dynamic soccer program that benefits children of all skill levels. It’s suitable for the child who kicks soccer balls at home for fun, and it’s suitable for the child who has never touched a soccer ball but is interested in the game.




Skillful Technical Advanced Refined Soccer; STARS is all about development and guidance. To teach our kids how to live, play, and shine in the midst of overwhelming odds.


“To believe and to try and develop abilities beyond what we were born with, is the magic of STARS.”


Specialized programs (such as strength & conditioning) designed for aspiring and/or experienced soccer players interested in taking their skills to ‘star’ level.


Try out for the opportunity to train with coaches who have unmatched international experience in the MLS, European leagues, and university athletics


USA Stars Academy soccer programs have an unrivaled advantage compared to other soccer academies in the El Dorado area: our programs consist of coaches who have played, trained, and coached professionally throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Each coach also possesses additional experience in the MLS, European leagues, and university athletics.


Gain hands-on experience training with professionals and playing on a team that prioritizes teamwork and camaraderie, and start your soccer venture with USA Stars Academy! We’re excited to see your star qualities shine on the pitch.


If you think you have the USA Stars is a fit for your aspiring or experienced soccer player, register for one of USA Stars soccer programs today!

USA STARS ACADEMY 2022/2023 Player Budget for Annual Program

Birth Year/Age Group Monthly
Training Dues*
Training Sessions
per Month
League/Tournament Annual Cost**
Registration Fee
Uniform Kit
2016-2012 Grassroots
6-8 x 60 min
Games Fall/Spring
2014/2013 U9/U10
8 x 60 min
$300 (18+ games)
2012/2011 U11/U12
10 x 90 min
$400 (25+ games)
2010-2004 U13-U19
12 x 90 min
$500 (30+ games)

* Monthly training dues based on a 12 month commitment to year-round competitive team training and competitions.


** Some tournaments and league could have additional player and coaches travel costs.

At the USA Stars Academy, our goal is to teach and demonstrate a love of soccer to our younger kids and we do this through our Grassroots Program.  For Boys and Girls of any skill level and ages 5-8 who want to learn the fundamentals of soccer without the competitive team commitment.  Having fun while learning and playing.  Register for Grassroots

Grassroots is a year-round program that features a multi-level approach to soccer development and a path to future soccer.  With guidance from US Soccer, this program is designed for any player, regardless of age, aspiration, and/or ability.  We are hoping to build a soccer experience that players will take with them wherever they wish to go.  As the player develops and grows in Grassroots, they may choose to join one of our age-appropriate Competitive teams or continue in the Grassroots program.  Their development path is at their own pace.

We are committed to creating a home for all aspiring soccer players that strive to reach towards their full potential while enjoying the game